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Nike has come up with a new version of its Air Jordan rubber shoes. The new version of Nike’s Air Jordan dubbed XX3 will soon be available.

Nike’s new Air Jordan XX3 sneaker, limited-edition shoe, will be available in the color combination of white, blue, and gray. It is made of earth-friendly materials that has even inspired the invention of a sewing machine to help manufacture footwear. Nike’s goal is to use fewer chemical glues.

Twenty-three pairs of the first, limited-edition version of the 23rd shoe in the line will be available in only 23 stores so long lines of collectors is expected to “run” their way into the stores to grab the first pairs. The high price of $230 reflects the rareness of the shoes.

Then, on Feb. 16, another edition (in white, black, and red) arrives in selected stores, priced at $185. Finally, the full nationwide launch of shoes with a black-and-red color scheme, also $185, is set for Feb. 23. The scattered released dates are intended to increase anticipation for the product.


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