General Product Information

A seamless integration of design and functionality. Your music and your life now fit perfectly in the ZEN V Plus. Enjoy a full suite of entertainment in a petite design – loads of music, full color photos, FM radio and view short video clips.

Scratch resistant OLED screen

Small and trendy, ZEN V Plus features a brilliant full color 1.5″ OLED display. Your photos are clearer and more vibrant than ever, thanks to its 128 x 128 resolution.

Line-in encoding

No computers necessary. Record music directly from your CD player or other playback source with the supplied line-in cable instantly, in a few simple steps.

Your lifestyle tool

ZEN V Plus does much more than play music or display photos. Use it to display the time, as a handy alarm clock, or even to view your calendar, tasks and contacts. Maximize it as an external storage device that stores your important files and documents.

One touch navigation joystick

Its ergonomically designed 5-way joystick enables easy access to all menus. You can even start voice recording with just a click of a button.

Set your tone

ZEN V Plus comes with 8 presets and custom EQ settings to bring out the best in your music.

Easy transfer

Simple drag and drop your data files between ZEN V Plus and your computer. No complicated or messy driver installations necessary.

Full access to online music stores

Select from more than a million songs from a myriad of online music stores – Napster To Go, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Rhapsody To Go, and so much more. With PlaysForSure support, you will always be able to play any digital music purchased or subscribed to.

Get ZENcast

Enjoy the ultimate collection of free audio podcast channels on Manage all your favorite subscriptions with ZENcast Organizer and experience the best of the free-to-share formats available.

View from all angles

Rotate your screen orientation to suit your preference.


Capacity: 1GB/ 2GB/ 4GB
Photos: Hundreds of Photos
Video: Short video clips
Display: Brilliant full color 1.5″ 128 x 128 pixels OLED display
Battery Life/ Playtime: Up to 15 hours for continuous audio playback
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer (Embedded)
Size: 43.5 x 67.5 x 15.9mm
Weight: 43.5g
FM Radio: Yes.
Voice Recording: Yes.
Mass Storage Device: Yes. For data files only
Built in Microphone: Yes.
Line-In Recording: Yes.
Audio Customization: Custom EQ and 8 Presets EQ.
Organizer: Yes.
ZENcast: Yes. Supports audio podcasts.
Audio Support: MP3, WMA, IMA ADPCM, WMA DRM
Image Support: JPEG, Album Art
Video Support: Transcoded Video Format
Connectivity: USB 1.1/ 2.0 Full Speed
Supported Music Services: PlayForSure, Audible (2,3 and 4)


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